Dr David Wilson

David Wilson is a great nephew of Dr Edward Wilson, who died with Captain Scott and his party on their return from the South Pole in 1912. Having an early career in the theatre, he moved on to study at the United World College of the Pacific and the Universities of York and Essex, where he trained as a philosopher. He is also a trained Counsellor.

With a strong interest in Aboriginal cultures and broad natural history, he travels widely. Increasingly in demand as a polar historian and ornithological field guide, David spends much of his time working to promote our historic Antarctic heritage.

He has collaborated on several books: Cheltenham in Antarctica: the Life of Edward Wilson (2000); Discovery Illustrated: Pictures from Captain Scott's First Antarctic Expedition (2001); and Edward Wilson's Nature Notebooks, (2004), and Nimrod Illustrated: Pictures from Lieutenant Shackleton's British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909 (2009).  He has published numerous papers and also produced a CD of historic Antarctic expedition songs and poems The Songs of the 'Morning': a musical sketch (2002). All these works were produced to support Antarctic heritage projects.

He is co-ordinating the many events in the United Kingdom to mark the Centenary of Scott's last expedition.

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