In the following pages you can read reminscences of life on base and the particular circumstances of the accidents that led to the death of the explorers whom we are commemorating.

Dulcie Bailey wrote an autobiography when she was in her eightieth year in 1991 as a series of long letters to her youngest grand-daughter, who was then 10 years old. Click here to read her accountof the tragedy that befell the family when her son Jeremy was killed in a crevasse accident on an expedition from Halley Bay.

Ian Boyd remembers John Anderson who was killed with Robert Atkinson in a crevasse accident on the Shamblier Glacier 6 May 1981. Click here to read his memoire of John as undergraduate climbing companions.

Able Seaman Eddie Large, who joined HMS Protector in 1962, writes a memoire of Able Seaman Michael Lane and Leading Seaman S Reg Hodge.

David McDowell remembers David Statham, Stanley Black and Geoffrey Stride who died when sea-ice broke up on a depot-laying trip to Dion Islands. Click here to read his memoire.

Russell Thompson writes of the death of Alan Sharman and Denis "Tink" Bell at Admiralty Bay, 23rd April and 26th July, 1959 

Jim Turton, who travelled with John Coll, Ambrose Morgan and was on the aircraft that killed Miles Mosley, remembers Graham Whitfield, Mike Walker and Geoffrey Hargreaves who were killed in a climbing accident on Mount Peary. Click here to read his memoire.

Steven Smith was Doctor at Halley Bay 1980. This is an extract from Steven's diary with some small deletions.

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