Antarctic Monument


 Two Monuments

The Antarctic monument

The purpose of the British Antarctic Monument is to promote good citizenship by honouring those explorers and scientists who have carried out hazardous duties in the pursuit of scientific knowledge in the British Antarctic Territory.

We want to advance education by increasing the understanding of how their exploration and scientific work has contributed to our knowledge of the natural environment, such as our climate and the movement of continents.

The monument will increase the awareness of the British peoples, and those of other nations, to the contribution that Britain has made to the exploration and understanding of this remote area and the significance their discoveries have on us today and our future lives.

We want to advance the appreciation of art by creating a unique and significant work which, by its design and execution, links two places that are far apart on the Earth yet are inter-connected.

We want this work of art to be seen by the public in the United Kingdom and by the thousands of tourists that visit the Antarctic region each year.

We want people to appreciate the scale of Antarctic scientific research, understand the implications of the discoveries and appreciate the endeavour of these young men and women.

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