The sculptor


Oliver Barratt is a leading British sculptor who has exhibited widely in the United Kingdom and abroad including the Guggenheim, Venice, Basle International Art Fair, Switzerland and the Hayward Gallery London. He has executed a number of major public works including those at the Dartford Crossing, Liverpool, Catford, Wakefield and Stoke on Trent.

He is particularly well known for the Everest Monument which is situated one days march up the mountain from Base Camp. Decided to be carried on the backs of sherpas it holds the names of all those that have died on the mountain between two complementary halves of a stainless steel cone.

His teaching career has encompassed posts at the Wimbledon School of At
1990-92 Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury
1993 Camberwell School of Art - Foundation
1993 Wimbledon School of Art - BA

He currently teaches at Sevenoaks School and at Byham Shaw Fellowship
1990-92 Henry Moore Fellow, Kent Institute Of Art and Design Group

You can see more of his work on Oliver Barratt’s website.

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