The Northern Antarctic Monument in Cambridge

The Antarctic Monument has been designed by the distinguished sculptor, Oliver Barratt. He has created a unique work which is in two parts - one in the United Kingdom and the other in the Southern Hemisphere. This reflects the environmental and scientific link between Britain and the Antarctic whilst at the same time recognising the emotional and physical separation experienced by explorers.

One part symbolises a mould made of British oak from which the other stainless steel part has been cast.

A detail of the gap between the two sides of the Monument  - an elliptical shape that is the basis of the Southern Part of the Monument in the Falkland Islands.


Brian Dorsett-Bailey makes a symbolic cut


Trustee Brian Dorsett Bailey assists Oliver Barratt in the rough chiselling of the Cambridge Monument. 


The Antarctic Monument was unveiled outside the Scott Polar Research Institute on 12 May 2011

The Antarctic Monument created by the sculptor Oliver Barratt was unveiled by the artist and the Chairman of the British Antarctic Monument Trust to applause from well over a hundred family and friends.

Antarctic Monument at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Lensfield Road, Cambridge.
Photo Julian Paren

Professor Julian Dowdeswell, Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute, welcomed the friends and relatives of those who died in the Antarctic saying that the monument to "those who lost there lives in Antarctica in pursuit of science" was wholly fitting in the Institute which had been set up by money to continue Scott's scientific work.
After the unveiling to a round of applause Oliver Barratt explained the significance of his design of the monument, saying that the living and dead were inter-dependent. The living depended on the dead for their understanding and appeciation of the world.
The Director concluded the afternoon by inviting the familiies and friends to explore the newly furbished Polar Museum and take tea in the Entrance Hall.
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