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Antarctic Place Names for two Halley Bay members who died over 30 years ago

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Both features had become evident from an analysis of glacier flow observed from Earth - orbiting satellites. The Trust has long had an ambition to secure place names for all those who lost their lives in the Antarctic, and now with BAS support, the nominations were accepted by the UK Antarctic Place Names Committee.

BAMT Trustees Rod Rhys Jones and Tony Wincott made all the necessary enquiries for the applications, and BAS identified the need for names for the features discovered from recent research.

Neville Mann died on 15 August 1963 after he had become separated from his travelling companion who was running a second sledge with dog team.

Miles Mosley died on 2 February 1980 after a survey plane carrying out a low pass over Halley Station struck him while he observed the arrival of the plane.

The research that “discovered” the ice streams is most clear from the colour-coded map of the speed of ice movement of the ice shelves and the glaciers that feed into the sea at Luitpold Coast. The new ice streams are marked in a red font. The map also shows several named ice features on Brunt Ice Shelf. Bailey Ice Stream is named after Jeremy Bailey who died with David Wild and Dr John Wilson when their Muskeg fell into a crevasse whilst on route from Halley to the Vestfjella in 1965.

Map of Luitpold Coast

Ice velocity map of area around Luitpold Coast. Blue is either sea or slow-moving ice. The flow gets faster as blue turns to green, turns to yellow and ultimately the fastest flow is red coloured.

The official entries in The Gazetteer of the British Antarctic Territory state:

Mann Ice Stream, centred at 76 degrees 48’ 55’’S, 30 degrees 14’ 40’’W, is an ice stream flowing west into the Weddell Sea on the Luitpold Coast. Named in commemoration of Neville Mann (1940-1963), who worked for BAS as a surveyor out of Halley Bay 1962-1963.He died in a tragic accident in 1963 whilst on a dog training exercise on sea ice, when an unexpected storm blew up and he lost contact with his colleague.

Mosley Ice Stream, centred at 77 degrees 21’ 36’’S. 33 degrees 13’ 43’’W, is an ice stream flowing north-west into the Weddell Sea on the Luitpold Coast. Named in commemoration of Miles Mosley (1946-1980), who worked for BAS as a GA at Stonington Island 1970-1973 and Base Commander at Halley 1977-1980. Mosley died in a tragic accident at Halley in 1980, when he was struck by an aircraft as it made an overpass of the landing area.

The Trust has previously been in contact with the cousin of Miles Mosley, John Hunter. John Hunter has written an appreciation to BAMT Trustee Tony Wincott and to Kate Bazeley of BAS who has been a valued supporter through her role as Archive Manager at BAS and Secretary to the UK Antarctic Place Names Committee.

Thank you both very much for letting me know the marvellous news that the Mosley Ice Stream has been named after my cousin Miles Mosley. I am delighted with this decision. When I have the opportunity I shall share this news with the wider family. I know my son, Tom, will be especially interested and pleased as he researched at Cambridge Miles’s time with BAS, and during his gap year in Stanley.

With best wishes and special thanks to all who have worked so diligently to make this happen.

Tuesday, November 6th 2018

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