Geoffrey Hargreaves

Geoffrey Hargreaves, based at Argentine Island, was killed in a climbing accident with Graham Whitfield and Mike Walker on 6 September 1976 returning from the summit of Mount Peary, Antarctic Peninsula. There is a memorial cross at Rasmussen Island.

Geoffrey HargreavesGeoffrey's sister Brenda Hellier who was working in Iran when the news came from Antarctic about her brother's death has written a moving memoire here.

Geoffrey's parents, Harry and Miriam have also written, "Geoffrey was but 21 years old when he, along with two companions met with disaster. On a jolly, he was third man as the director of the jolly insisted that the party would have three men.

"He was very fond of the Adelie Penguin, there were good flocks of them around the base, and he had "conversations" with them quite often to amuse himself. He had a sense of humour which quite fitted such a situation"

You can read more about Geoff and the circumstances surrounding the accident in the Memoire by Jim Turton.

Picture by courtesy of the The Preston Evening Post.

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