Ronald Napier

Ron NapierRonald Napier, went as a General Assistant to the base at Signy Island in 1955. The following summer he joined the RRS John Biscoe for a trip to Admiralty Bay.  He was in a dinghy leaving the ship after dark that overturned and he was drowned 24 March 1956.   His body was never found, but it was thought that he hit his head as he fell and had been unable to help himself. This accident took place three years after an incident at Admiralty Bay when three men came close to catastrophe.  As Sir Vivien wrote, "(the accident) emphasized the point that small boats can be used only with great caution in Antarctic waters."

Ronald Napier with oatboard

Lance Michell has written from Bristol to say that he was at Signy with Ron in the winter of 1955 and helped build the second Bas H under his direction.  He sent the photographs below. The first shows the completed hut and the second shows the loft joists in place.



Second Base H under construction



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