Graham Whitfield

6 September 1976 Mount Peary, Argentine Islands 

Dave Lewis hasGraham J Whitfield written, from the United States, to say that he was a friend of Graham Whitfield who was lost with companions Geoffrey Hargreaves and Michael Walker during their return from the ascent of Mount Peary, Argentine Islands, Antarctic Peninsula.

Dave and Graham were both at Liverpool University where Graham majored in geology. They were both members of the Liverpool University Exploration Society. Graham’s family was from Rotherham.

Dave writes, "Attached is a photo of Graham, taken when we were in the Alps in the summer of 1973 and he was about twenty one. The shot was taken by Richard Miles, the third member of our team, in the cable car descending from the Aiguille du Midi. We got caught in a storm ascending the Aiguille the previous day and spent the night in a refuge before trekking to the cable car in the morning and descending to our tent in Snell’s Field outside Chamonix. The picture captures Graham’s level gaze and hints at his energy, his sense of adventure, his perpetual good humour."

You can read more about Graham and the circumstances surrounding the accident in the Memoire by Jim Turton.

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